Here are some links to Apps and Websites that assist parents in scheduling time with children, vacations, holidays keeping track of kid’s activities, expenses, parent communication, etc. Some of these tools are free, others charge a small fee.


Parents of one child have been co-parenting for eight years. They use Cozi, a shared calendar which is accessible as both a website and as an app. “My ex and I are both remarried, and it’s a great way for all four parents to see her daily activities and which house our daughter is at on which day. Now that she’s getting older and has a phone, our daughter uses it, too.”

Our Family Wizard
Like some of the other tools, Our Family Wizard has shared calendars, a messaging feature and a way to track expenses. But unlike the others, Our Family Wizard has a function where mediators, therapists and attoneys can log in and view the information that is shared. Designed to take the hostility out of fraught co-parenting situations, one of the website’s taglines is “Create clear communication and end the ‘he said/she said.’”They even have something called the “Tone Meter”!  It actually monitors the tone of your email much like spell check would on a regular email program. This is the “Tone Meter” description straight from their website: Think of it as your emotional spell-check. ToneMeter identifies and flags emotionally charged sentences within your message. As intuitive as grammar or spell-check, ToneMeter goes beyond sentiment to gauge words and phrases against 8 levels of connotative feeling, allowing the end user to make real-time corrections and adjust the overall tone of messages using an easy-to-use menu system

Google Calendar

Some parents use a shared Google calendar to keep track of events and shared commitments, such as  kid’s schedules, school events, doctor and dentist appointments, as well as any work, family or special events the individual parents have that might require a schedule change.


“The clutter-free way to save and enjoy your child’s artwork” is the statement on the Artkive website.


Some parents use the family locator app Life360.
One dad says, “It has a great messaging system, and the kids and I can see each other’s location on a map through GPS. If they are running late, I don’t have to worry.”


2houses2houses is a free program that helps co-parents create a central place for photo albums, addresses, doctor and dentist contact information, clothing sizes and more. It also has a shared journal feature to track notes and share information.

About One

About one is ideal for accessing paperwork on-the-go, serving as an online file cabinet where you can keep receipts, health information, instructions for caregivers and school reports. Track scheduling, events, paperwork, and emergency contact information and access them at any time.

Message from a wise 6 year old

Here is an important message for separating and/or separated parents from a wise 6 yr old: